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Benefits of bilingual books

Bijgewerkt: 23 feb 2020

Great cognitive exercise:

Reading bilingual books help build vocabulary in both languages and to an extent boosts understanding of the language. It also helps the children to effectively translate the words in the other language without the help of their caregivers. This plays the role of a great cognitive exercise for the brain and young minds. When bilingual books are readily available around the house and in classrooms, bilingual kids have opportunity to become literate in an organic and fluid way.

Improved literacy and reading habits:

Bilingual books are designed to captivate the mind of the readers. Therefore, the more kids read these books and enjoy the stories, the greater their overall literacy skills will develop and strengthen in both languages. More so, owing to the fact that bilingual books are characterized by good stories that are engaging, the kids look forward to reading more every time with both languages resulting in an improved reading habit.

Enhancement of writing skills:

The brain is a powerful tool; when children are given well structured bilingual books to read and digest everyday, the brain automatically absorbs some hacks on literature development in both languages. Therefore, when they encounter situations that require them to produce a well written statement in any of the languages, they are more than capable to do. It can be simply said that the bilingual books has developed their writing skills.

Development of metalinguistic ability:

Many languages have coined words from each other depending on origin. More so, being conversant with multiple languages through bilingual books affords those kids the metalinguistic ability which is the ability to notice the similarities and different feature in various languages. This in turns broadens the mind of these kids at a very tender age.

Increased language worth:

When kids pick languages from people around them, there is a great chance that the language will not be valued as much as the one the kid is brought up with. However, when they learn their home language and another language concurrently through bilingual books, they will value the two languages at the same worth. This helps preserve the respect accorded to the family’s language heritage.

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